Diary of a Dead Man: A Spiritual Guide to the Afterlife
David Listzwan
Diary of a Dead Man: A Spiritual Guide to the Afterlife
Chapter One Sample
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            I heard what sounded like something running toward me as I shrank down in fear waiting. “Help!” My heart jumped into the back of my throat. Out of the fog people started running past me crazily shoving each other out of their way. “Run or they will get you!” A man screamed as he ran past me. He took one look at me, and ran faster. My first thought was ‘They’ who could he have been talking about?
            The fog lifted and I saw both of them in the distance. A giant praying mantis and a beetle, each the size of three men. They were chasing people and spitting a brown goo all over them. I watched in horror as they caught people and slobbered this goo all over them, leaving the people to stagger away covered in the stuff. I could smell the goo from where I was; it smelled so nasty I couldn’t even describe it to you.
            The beetle noticed me and ran toward me working up a good spit. Just before the beetle reached me I screamed out “I’ve had enough of all this! What is going on? Who am I?” The beetle stopped dead in his tracks dropping his jaw in awe and the mantis laughed out loud.
            The mantis stopped laughing and looked right at me seriously. He spoke to the beetle never taking his gaze off me. “Jim you should have seen your face. Now stop scaring the boy and help me.” The mantis moved the beetle aside and approached me. “Hi there Dreamer, my name is Brent and I was looking for you right now. Oh sorry, where are my manners?” As he spoke those words to me he turned into a tall, regal, skinny, tough looking man with short matted dark black hair, and a long white beard. His white bushy beard was down to his belly and looked out of place, but gave him a dignified look none the less. He wore a strange blue uniform that suggested the military. His blue eyes were soft, peaceful and inviting while he stared at me with a smug grin, “Jim, where are your manners?”
            The beetle bellowed out “Damn it Brent, you know Dreamers freak me out.” He changed almost instantly, turning into a short, scruffy, but strong looking man with balding brown hair. He wore an old tattered brown robe that looked like a monks robe, but with no hood. Jim was missing his left arm from the elbow down. In its place was a sword carved from what appeared to be his own bone. It had strange writing on it, but I couldn‘t make out what it said. In his other arm he held a cane he used to help support himself. The cane seemed out of place though. Jim looked extremely powerful, and felt it as well. I wondered why he was answering to Brent, or freaked out by me. “What are you looking at, Dreamer.” Jim shouted at me. “You Dreamers really freak me out… So stop staring at me!” He ran and hid behind Brent shaking as if he was scared of me.
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