Diary of a Dead Man: A Spiritual Guide to the Afterlife
David Listzwan
Diary of a Dead Man: A Spiritual Guide to the Afterlife
Chapter One Sample
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            Brent turned to him and quickly jumped in “Jim! Where are your manners? He is our guest and he won‘t hurt you.” Brent turned back to look at me. “Sorry about his behavior friend, but you are a fright to look at.” I was puzzled by this comment and must have showed my puzzlement. He said, “Jim, hand me the mirror”.
            Jim reached into a small bag that he had tied to his belt, and pulled out a round mirror way
too big to fit into the bag, and handed it to Brent. “Ah, thanks Jim. Here take a look.” Brent handed me the mirror, and I saw for myself. I was nothing but an outline of a person. I had no face, and my mouth wasn’t even there. My ears and hair were missing as well. I quickly threw the mirror to the ground shattering it. Brent, with a concerned look on his face, leaned in toward me and very quietly whispered, “That’s seven years bad luck you know.”

            Jim pushed Brent aside running to the broken mess only to look at me in disgust. He snorted out “And, ‘my’ mirror.” as he slowly started to pick up the pieces, and put them in his bag.
            “Be quiet Jim he’s just as frightened as you are… Now then let’s fix this problem and find you a look. Jim, the book.” Jim snorted as he reached into his bag again. He pulled out a ridiculously large book and handed it to Brent. Jim went right back to picking up his mirror pieces. Brent opened the book and said seriously. “Now, you’re a Dreamer, and that means big business so we need to find a tough look for you.”
            Brent flipped through almost every page in the book for what felt like hours. He finally shouted out. “I found it. Daron the Dragon Slayer. Here Dreamer, look at this picture.” Brent turned the book around for me to look at.
            I saw a tall stout man with long straight black hair. He had scars all over his face, and cold dead black eyes which stared at your very soul in disgust. “Now, concentrate on the man in the picture and make him you.” This confused me greatly, I remember thinking ‘how am I supposed to make him me’. But, I guess I did it because I heard Brent say, “Wow. I’ve never seen anyone transition that fast. Well done boy.”
            Jim walked back and sneered “I liked him better as a Dreamer.” I looked down at the broken shards of the mirror that Jim hadn’t a chance to pick up yet. In the broken shards I noticed I was transformed into Daron. Jim looked at me and said, “Now that he looks tough, we should give him a tough name.”
            “Ah, but Jim his name is Daron, the Dragon Slayer. The myth in this book is supposed to take place in the future, or if the boss is right the present. Daron here, is the Chosen One.” My heart sank when I heard that, how could I be the Chosen One when I didn’t even know who I was.
            I asked “Can I ‘not’ be the Chosen One?”
            Brent quickly answered back. “Don’t worry you’re going to be fine, and you’ll remember who you were soon… The look on your face tells me you don’t know where you are, do you?” I looked at Brent, lowered my head, and shook it slowly. “You died, and this is the afterlife, or what‘s left of it at least.”
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