Diary of a Dead Man: A Spiritual Guide to the Afterlife
David Listzwan
Chapter 1
Where I Came From
            I’m writing this so that all of you may understand what has happened, and what is about to happen. This book is a record that will answer all of your biggest questions. What will happen to me when I die? Will I stand alone, or will I have my friends and family to stand by me? Will my fears and hatred consume me? Where is… God?
            Now that I have your attention let me explain from the beginning…
            I woke up lying on my back looking up at what I thought was a starry night. It felt like I was laying on cool soft blades of grass suspended in fluffy air; it felt like heaven. I stared at the stars for what felt like hours and hours. I tried to remember why I was there, or by that matter who I was, but I couldn’t remember anything.
            I just kept starring at the stars in a daze until I noticed them slowly moving. They were not stars, but creatures with glowing bodies so small that they looked like Fireflies. They started to dance around me. Watching them mesmerized me making me feel warm and safe.
            I watched as they played games with one another. Chasing each other all around playing tag, or leap frog. Dancing with each other in what looked like the Fox Trot, they twirled and spun all around me. It was the most magical, and peaceful moment I can ever remember. The grass bed started feeling softer and I could feel myself slowly sinking into the ground. Suddenly I heard a loud shriek come from all around me! The Fireflies flew off quickly, and I was alone.
            I jumped to my feet feeling panic rising in me. I looked around frantically, but everything was covered in a thick fog. A strange mist surrounded me, and I could only see three feet from my nose. I felt closed in and trapped, so I looked back up to where the Fireflies were. When I looked up, the fog had disappeared. The Fireflies were back, chasing each other around. I felt safe and warm again. I lazily looked back down and saw that the fog came back. Panic and paranoia shot through me again.
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